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Application Security Professional
Application Security Professional
The Application Security Analyst will provide evaluation and consultancy on all aspects of the security of our internal applications. This includes: design, validation, consultancy, re-engineering, reporting on security posture, and recommending best practices and procedures. The primary responsibilities of this role are working with our application development teams to ensure that our applications are as secure as possible.
  • Assessing existing application security controls
  • Application security control design
  • Consultancy on implementation of security controls
  • Hands-on security control efficacy testing
  • Creation of a library of re-usable best practice implementations
  • Tracking identified weaknesses and managing mitigation / removal
  • Contributing to the overall IT security architecture
Desired Experience And Qualifications:
The successful candidate will have at least 5+ years of practical experience in application security, and will have a strong knowledge of:
  • Multiple programming languages: Java, C++ and .Net preferred
  • Multiple application programming frameworks
  • Modern software development methodologies
  • Application security testing tools
  • Application threat analysis methodologies and common attacks
  • Possess a high level overview of risk-intelligence and security awareness
  • Be capable in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Microsoft Windows
  • Budapest
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